GIS GEO Tracker

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Product Description:

The GIS GEO Tracker is a web-based interactive GIS mapping and documents management application used to track Surveying and related services for corridor projects. An authorized user, with password-protected internet login, can use the GIS GEO Tracker to track the steps required to complete RESEARCH, RIGHT OF ENTRY, SURVEY, TITLE COMMITMENT, ENVIRONMENTAL EVALUATION, and RIGHT OF WAY ACQUISITION tasks.

Deeds, maps, plats, title commitments, field notes, pictures, right of entry letters, Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, offer letters, and parcel acquisition documents may be uploaded, downloaded, edited, and tracked. The progress and status of each parcel can be monitored so any issues may be identified and addressed early to maintain the project schedule. A variety of permission and access levels, such as read-only for Survey tasks or upload, edit, and delete for Right of Way Acquisition tasks, may be granted based on a user's role in the project to ensure sensitive information protected.

Status reports are easy to generate on the fly and export to Excel. No special software is needed to access or use this browser-based system. The GIS GEO Tracker is accessible via smart phone or tablet for easy use by personnel in the field. In fact, there is a blue dot on the screen that shows the real-time position of any GPS enabled device accessing the GIS GEO Tracker.

An added feature of the GIS GEO Tracker is its ability to create TxDOT ArcGIS ROW mapping deliverables. Properly formatted DGN files are imported into the Smart Tracker. Proper DGN formatting such as level names, and symbology is key to avoid a "garbage in, garbage out" situation. The GIS GEO Tracker then uses TxDOT's ArcGIS geodatabase template and some data already contained within the GIS GEO Tracker (such as ROW CSJ number) to export properly named and formatted ArcGIS ROW Mapping deliverables. Future revisions will follow this same process and be renamed using 1a, 1b, etc., at the end of the file name to provide version control.

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GIS GEO Tracker - User Interface Screenshots:

1. GIS GEO Tracker Dashboard / landing page upon successful login. Bar graphs provide at a glance project status.
2. GIS GEO Tracker screen capture of map showing parcel-specific Survey status, proposed centerline and ROW alignment with stationing, measurement tool, and imbedded Google Street View tool overlaid on an aerial basemap.
3. GIS GEO Tracker generated print showing Right of Entry Status. Field crews, environmental scientists, and appraisers can see where they can and can't go at a glance. The blue dot on their phone or tablet shows their real-time location on the project map.
4. GIS GEO Tracker generated print showing Survey Status. With this color scheme, darker colored parcels are generally further along in the Survey process.
5. GIS GEO Tracker generated print showing Environmental Status. Phase I and, if needed, Phase II ESA completion status are easy to see.
6. GIS GEO Tracker generated print showing Parcel Acquisition Status. Appraisal, offer, and even eminent domain activities can be color coded and tracked. Priority parcels can be highlighted with exclamation points or distinctive outlines.
7. Screen capture of the GIS GEO Tracker query tool used to easily export a wide variety of status and tracking data to Excel. In depth project status reporting made simple.