What We Do

Courthouse Research Specialists, Inc. has over 25 years experience providing in-depth research of public records for ownership, easements, liens, encumbrances & other related searches. We also offer land rights & right of way appraisal acquistion services. Our copy & retrieval service of the company obtains copies of documents and court cases statewide. CRSTEX.com is one of Texas leading provider of land record business information.

Title Research

Property Ownership, Abstracts of Judgment, Adjoiners, Legal Descriptions, Bankruptcy Court Filings, Liens, and Easements


Courthouse Research Specialists Inc. provides fast, accurate, affordable research and document retrieval for diverse clients

Land Records

City Planning & Permitting, County Civil Court Filings, Probate Court Filings, UCC Filings, Deed Restrictions, and Road Right of Ways

Project Support

Projects range from determining single ownership of a property¬Ěto title research for pipelines, highways and specialized easements

Our Clients

Courthouse Research Specialists Inc. provides title research and abstracting services to a wide range of customers.

Private sector

Home owners, Surveyors, Realtors, Lenders, Inspectors, and Appraisers.


Government Entities, Urban Planners, Engineers, and Attorneys.


Land Developers, Primary Utility Companies, Lending Institutions and Telecommunication Companies.

Dallas County Courthouse

GIS GEO Tracker: Surveying Project Management software as a service.

Courthouse Research Specialists Inc. now offers GIS GEO Tracker: Surveying Project Management software as a service.
Please contact us for a demonstration of the software and more information on purchasing details by Phone: 214-994-9521 or Email: rich@crstex.com